Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Just spent 3 hours and $250 grocery shopping.

Our freezers, pantries, and fridge were basically already full and stocked, but I don't want tohave to go shopping again until at least July. Plus, we've ordered the box & all 3 specials for the Angel Food for May and will also place a June order, so I am sure we will be fine.

Our freezers were already full of meat, so all I bought meatwise was 20 more pounds of ground beef and sandwich meat.

I focused mainly on breakfasts, lunches, and sides. Any produce we need dh can go get once a week, or as needed.

I saved $30 in coupons, but did not play the grocery game this time (just no time). Have unsubbed from GG until July.

I also have not had time to OAMC like I wanted to, due to all the decluttering/rearranging/organizing I've been doing, but at least I know we have food & I don't have to go shopping.

My pantries (3), my freezers (2) and my fridge are all filled to capacity (we didn't think it was all gonna fit, but thank God it did......nothing like buying too much perishables and it going bad or having to eat it right away).

Tomorrow I am goign to marinade chicken breasts for dump chicken (to just throw in crockpot or on the grill) and we've also got a bunch of other meat that can just be thawed, marinated & tossed on the dh can do the cooking until July. I think I can handle the breakfasts, lunches and sides:) We usually have salad every night at dinner, so that's a quick & easy one. I also have homemade bread already baked & frozen for dinners.