Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goals for 2008...

I won't call them resolutions, because then I will just get frustrated January 5th, when I've already slipped, and I will just feel defeated and quit.

1. To spend more time focusing in God's Word. I really need to do my daily devotions, I have let them fall by the wayside. I do try to read my Bible every morning, and I pray every day, but I need to get back into my devotions/studies.

2. To spend more quality & quantity time with my children. I want them to remember me as a mommy who loved them, not just because I tell them so. I want to try to do at least 1 fun thing with them each week, so they will remember their mommy time.

3. Don't nag so much at my family (dh included). Instead of nagging, if I will just do things myself, there won't be anything to nag about. Maybe then kids & dh won't be so reluctant to help out when asked. Especially if I ask less often.

4. To make my house a "home". Not only would I like to take 2008 to try to decorate my home, I also would like it to become more of a place of bliss for my family, rather than a house we all reside in.

5. Declutter/Organize my house and try to keep it clean so it maintains itself. This has been a long on-going goal for me:) I want to create routines/schedules that I can achieve, rather than feeling let down at the end of the day, for not finishing. Also a big part of this, and #4 is that I want my family to come home to a clean home daily. I don't want any machines (dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc) going when they come home. I want it all to be "done" when they get here. The only thing that should be running is the stove/oven (because kids get home 90 mins before dh & if dinner is already ready when they get home, it will be cold when he gets home). I think this would add to the relaxed atmosphere I am striving for (thanks for the tip Nichole). I also want to thank my dear friend Tami for challenging me & working with me on weekends:)

6. To take time at least once a week and do something I enjoy...whether it's scrapping, or watching a chick flick (rather than disney movies, lol).

7. To find a way to make more money from home, so I can feel like I am contributing something, and also to make things not so hard on dh and the kids. I already sell Pampered Chef, but don't make much money and I do bookkeeping/taxes, but that's seasonal.

8. To start saving money, instead of spending every penny that falls into our hands. I want to have money put aside for the future.

9. To become more self-sufficient. Like growing all of our produce for the year, except things that have to be fresh (like salad stuff, etc). To learn to can, to start raising our own meat/poultry.


Tami said...

These are great goals. I'm here to cheer you on! May God be glorified in your progress.

I also want to start scrapbooking! It'll be my reward for decluttering my paper areas.

Cherylann said...

Thanks. Hold me to em:)

Tami said...

Ok, I will, but you do the same for me.