Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis the Season....

Well, Thanksgiving is over. Yesterday I went Black Friday shopping and picked up a few things. Today I am getting the house deep cleaned (again), so I can start decorating/baking for Christmas. Today's list is probably (most likely) so long that it won't get finished today, but here it is:

Saturday 11/29/08:
o Burn tarts
o Pick up changing table & high chair
o Put away ALL fall decorations
o Put away ALL Thanksgiving decorations
o Put away ALL year round decorations
o Wash ALL dishes
o Deep Clean Kitchen
o Deep Clean Entrance
o Deep Clean Living Room
o Straighten Bathroom
o Straighten Laundry Room
o Straighten Master Bedroom
o Straighten Kids’ room
o Rearrange Kitchen
o Move out all boxes
o Move J’s bed to MBR
o Move Chey’s bed & dresser to girls’ room
o Move nursing chair
o Set up DR table
o Set up gift wrap center
o Set up tree (24 hours)
o Decorate Entrance
o Decorate Kitchen
o Decorate Buffets
o Wrap gifts
o Daily chores
o Weekly chores
o Monthly chores
o November chores
o Bake/Make:
o Cookies
o Sausage balls
o Pumpkin squares
o Thanksgiving Casserole
o Candies
o Teacher gifts
o Cool & package cookies, candies, teacher gifts

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