Monday, July 27, 2009

MPM 7/27/09


This is gonna be an easy peasy week. VBS is Monday-Friday, so I only have to plan bf & lunch til Saturday :)

breakfast: cheese toast & milk
lunch: bologna sandwiches
dinner: VBS

breakfast: sausage biscuits from the bo
lunch: chick-fil-a
dinner: VBS

breakfast: cinnamon toast
lunch: potato skins
dinner: VBS

breakfast: cereal
lunch: spaghetti
dinner: VBS

breakfast: french toast
lunch: hot dogs, chips & baked beans
dinner: VBS Finale dinner

breakfast: fried egg sandwiches
lunch: twice baked potatoes
dinner: lasagna

breakfast: blt's
lunch: lasagna
dinner: nachos


Becca said...

Yum...I haven't had cheese toast for breakfast in so long. I wonder if I would even like it anymore lol

~*Mona*~ said...

Absolutely have to love those kind of weeks!! This week we enjoyed a "processed garbage" week...generally we are anti-processed, but things were just too busy!!


The Prudent Homemaker said...

Are there no fruits and veggies with lunches/breakfasts? Or did you just not list them? I just came to your site from a comment you left on Jane 4 Girls. I have children the same ages as yours--almost exactly. I know that mine are still hungry with just sandwiches (especially my 6yo :) ) Just curious.

Cherylann said...

Yes, we have probably too many fruits & veggies, lol. We are eating most of our veggies out of the garden right now, so it varies from day to day depending on what needs to be picked.

Every meal (even breakfast) we have sliced tomatoes, but the other veggies vary daily.

My kids love vegetables and fruits.

I like fruits more than desserts. Also this week was a busy on the go week, so we weren't home much.

Cherylann said...

becca, my kids love cheese toast :)

mona, every once in a while you have to have one of those weeks.