Tuesday, February 12, 2008

kids' chores

As you may or may not know, I've had a hard time with getting my kids to do any chores, or even keep their rooms clean...I've tried allowances, chore charts, taking things away, grounding them, time out, fussing at them, chuck e cheese, taking their toys, etc, etc, etc...all to no avail. I have found out that my kids are "instant gratification" kids. If they have to wait for it & can't see something concrete right now, they don't care. Ex. don't tell them next month they'll go to the zoo, or this weekend, you miss your turn to stay at grammy's...that's in the future and doesn't effect the here & now.

Well, I was cleaning out my tupperware shelf and found 4 mason quart jars....so you know, me the re-purposer, the wheels got to moving...

I've started giving each child a quarter in the morning if their room is clean before we leave for school. If they do extra jobs, other than keep their rooms clean, they may get a little bonus...but no promises. So, if I ask you to help me put away laundry, you might earn an extra quarter, or even a nickel, then again you might not...you just have to wait and see. That's been getting things done without whining, nagging, crying or stress.

And, they have learned once they get 4-quarters, they can trade it in for a dollar bill. They’ll be really excited when they learn five dollar bills can trade for a five dollar bill, etc.

I have the jars right on the top of the buffet, where they can see them, and I labeled them, so they can't cheat and switch the jars around, lol...not sure they're old enough to try that yet or not.

There are a few stipulations....
1. you CAN lose money for not doing something you've been asked
2. you WILL lose money for hitting your sibling or being disrespectful
3. you can NOT spend your money until the jar is full:)
4. Daddy is NOT allowed to borrow...lol:)

So far they love seeing their money add up and do NOT like losing any (Jacob hit Caity this morning and had to pay her a nickel).

They've all earned over a dollar so far, so they all got to trade in this morning, and now they all have a dollar bill in the jar, plus whatever change they've earned.

I've not heard one complaint about doing a chore or keeping their rooms clean since I started this. Now they are volunteering, lol.

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