Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We have a very small house, so we don't have room for lots of things like most people. But, we still have too much. So everyday, I am going to be working on a different project to keep me busy and off of this computer as much as possible.

I will post my progress here, along with before and after pictures. I am not going to set a "schedule" or a "plan", because I tend to get anal about such things, making very detailed lists and then kicking myself when they don't get done to my perfectionist standards....there my secret is out. I am anal and a perfectionist, lol. Add to that a procrastinator, and you have one very stressed out lady, lol.

I "think" tomorrow I will start on my kitchen. My dog Bailey has been helping me to declutter my kitchen....he has broken several things that were left lying around (on the table or buffet or counter) and eats anything not put away (like loaves of bread....haha). While he has broken several of my favorite things (my Pampered Chef Rectangular casserole dish for one), I know it is because I do not have enough room to put everything away. We have 2 cabinets (1 is a double and 1 is a single). But, I still have probably much more than I need. I love to bake and cook, so I have a lot of things. It's a catch22....either I don't have the things to do what I love, or I have everything I need, but no room to do what I love....

So, here's to getting rid of things I don't have room for in 2009...


~Tami said...

A perfectionist and a procrastinor? No way! You can't be, because that is me!! LOL

Bailey's eating loaves of bread? When I was a kid, we left our puppy home along, and when we had gotten home he had destroyed all of the mini-blinds and eaten our tub of butter that was left on the table!!

I'm with you on decluttering. I may not go as fast as you, but it is one of the things I want to do in my "Redeeming the Time in 2009" plans this year.

Cherylann said...

LOL...that's why I said we were separated at birth;) It doesn't hurt that we have the same eye & hair color and are the same height, lol.

Bailey and Baby Girl got into the butter I had out...was letting it soften for a recipe. They ate a whole pound. We don't have blinds anymore, lol, our kids tore them up and I refused to get more.

You can do it!! The whole reason I am not going to plan what I do is because I know I will get bored or frustrated and give up. Just find something each day or a couple days a week that will only take 5 minutes to declutter...such as 1 drawer, 1 basket, 1 hot spot, etc. I will be here to cheer you on!

~Tami said...

We are thinking alike! That's what I have decided with all of my goals this year. I am only allowing myself one mini-goal (small attainable goal) per area of my life at at time, and I can't make a list any bigger than that ... only adding a new mini-goal, as I reach each mini-goal.