Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 Decluttering, part 1

Ok, I know yesterday I hinted that I might start in the kitchen, but I found out that a local family lost their home & everything they owned in a fire the day after Christmas. They have girls around the ages of Rory & I am starting in their clothes first.

I spied Rory's pajama drawer and it was overflowing...she had 18 pairs of did that happen???? The sad thing is, most of them are in the hamper...she was missing 10 tops, 1 bottom & 1 whole set (her new Christmas pj's).

Here's the pile of them....still missing those 10 tops, 1 bottom & 1 set. Doesn't look like much, but she's only a 3T...we would not have been able to get away with shoving this much into a drawer if it were Caity or Jacob.

Here are the 6 pairs that completely matched.

Here are the things missing mates...

Here is her newly organized pj's still missing 4 tops & 1 bottom & her new Christmas pj's that are going to be kept. If that makes it too full, she will be getting rid of more.

So, I took 6 of the pants that were awaiting matches and set aside for this family. As soon as I wash the tops and match them back up, they will go into the giveaway bag.


~Tami said...

Wow, Rory, I don't think you need that many pairs of pj's, unless you are gonna go on a trip that lasts 18 days.

Great job, Cherylann!!

Cherylann said...

Thx. Lol, yes, she had way too many....hand-me-down's from Caity & Brea.

I still think she has too many, but we'll see how we handle what she has left.