Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 Decluttering, part 2

Well, I moved over to Brea's pj drawer. She didn't have nearly as much.

Here's the before pic...not so bad.

Here's the dumped pile. 2 shirts don't have bottoms (they were some of those get 2 shirts, 1 pair pants that the grandparents seem to have to buy...), 1 bottom is just pj pants, so i took one of the tops that doesnt have bottoms and put it with the pj pants...that just left 1 top to give away. I do know she has 1 pr. pj's in the hamper, so that will give her 7 pairs total.

Here are the 5 pair that match up now.

These were the leftovers 2 tops (both the same) and 1 bottoms.

Her newly organized drawer


~Tami said...

My daughter is outgrowing her pj's; they are too short in the arms and legs. I bought her a new pair for Christmas, and she informed me that she doesn't like High School Musical. Hey, they were only $5.00!

I need to clear out her pj drawer soon!

Cherylann said...

LOL, yeah, kwym...

I had bought the kids pj's for Christmas ($4 w-m) and they said they had that pj day at school, so I gave them the pj's early. Caity says (ungratefully)...I don't like Hannah Montana. Well, turns out they didn't have pj day.

Anyways, I ended up buying some more pj's for them at Children's place. Some nice fleece pj's for $12 for CJBR & $10 for Chey.