Friday, January 16, 2009


I am leaning towards homeschooling. I would like any advice from readers out there that are currently homeschooling. Are there any curriculums out there that are a good program? Any to avoid? Any advice? I'm very curious to see what you have to say.


Moonpie said...

We used Christian Liberty Academy. Prices are the most reasonable of any program. You can also get the big name homeschool publishers, Abeka, Rod and Staff, etc. Plus included is help anytime you need it, grades kept, grade your book report, and report cards issued, and legal advice if needed. This also includes all your books and keys.
A very good program. Our girls got a great education. Here is their link:
How blessed you are to have the opportunity and freedom to do this.
Here is their link

GrammaD said...

Find a good Christian home school group in your area. I don't think I could have done it without the help and support of the other families.

Sheryl Slot said...

Get a catalog from Rainbow Resource. You can read through it and see what sounds good to you. Then find the closest hs conference this summer and make plans to attend. Also, very important, talk to anyone and everyone who has been homeschooling for a while. Seek out encouragement and ignore all the negative comments. It truely is a blessing!!

Cherylann said...

Thanks ladies for all the good ideas! I will check them out! I wanted to go with sonlight, but won't be able to this year.