Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3, Decluttering...Putting away the decorations, pt. 3

Next 10 Ornaments (last 10 of today)...

Precious Moments

Precious Moments 2

Roses painted by me 2001. there were 12, we are down to 3 :(

Rudolph (CNB)

Santa painted by me in 1998....yes, he needs a touch up.

Santa (cracker barrel)

Santa paintbrush (CNB)

snowboy (cracker barrel)

snowman cd (CNB)

Star (CNB)


~Tami said...

You did a great job on the roses.

Cherylann said...

Thanks. I love to paint, but never have time anymore.

samuel machinist tool box said...

Cherilynn I was reviewing the photo of your Christmas Orients on your blog and the one you painted a roses on was very good the colors you used to paint on it is a good choice I liked all the orients you have and it looks like you have a loveinghome the blog I created is going good I have some new photo I posting on my blog of my R.H. Bearing Block I created for my Tandem double Acting engine I thank it make my blog better but I'm not shure so can you tell me what you thank of it on a scale of 1 to 5 wear would you put my blog and the photo and what do you thank would make better

Cherylann said...

Samuel, I left you a comment on your site. I like the pics. I think some more posts (that will come in time) will make it know showing each of your steps in the projects.

samuel machinist tool box said...

cherylann the end project is going to be a Tandem double Acting engine I have some drawings of the engine and it would be good to post them on my blog I will work on this and it is a good comment for me thank you cherylann you comment about a machinist who took some class for machining at a college can you tell me more about this machinist what did he make is he still working I would like to know more

Cherylann said...

Samuel, he said the only thing he did was use the lathes to grind down pipe for pipe welding. Sorry I thought he took more classes than that. He got his degree in welding.