Monday, January 26, 2009

SO SO SORRY....Decluttering update

No, I have not been neglecting my decluttering mission. I just havent had time for posting. The kids were out of school from 1/17(sat) through 1/23 (friday).

So, here's a short recap of my journey:
16-cleaned a bin from the shed....tossed 1/2, freecycled other 1/2
17-kids' hanging clothes...about 1/4 to freecycle
18-2 bins from shed.......tossed & freecycled most
19-1 bin from shed...most gone
20-bathroom cabinet...wasn't anything to toss, just straightened it all up
21-emptied magazine rack...won't tell you how old they were, lol
22-went through a box of craft supplies, freecycled it all
23-went through Brea & Rory's toys....freecycled 1 trash bag full
24-went through the board games...tossed those missing pieces
25-went through the dvd's....tossed empty cases & scratched dvd's

Today starts the super fling boogie on flylady again...go check it out. I am down with the stomach flu today...but will try to get something done, even if it's just cleaning out my wallet. Not sure if I will get to post today, or not

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