Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14, Decluttering the truck, pt. 2

Today I decluttered the front seat of the truck, I got a few stray pieces of dirty clothes and a wal-mart bag of trash (it was already partially full). I also found a few things I knew were in the car, but couldn't find.

I even cleaned out the console.

The only thing left to declutter is the door racks in the front seat (just a few magazines in there) and the trunk........there's always tomorrow ;)


Lisa said...

Wow, Cherylann, can you come here next? I have been plugging along with decluttering, too, but you are on a roll! Good for you! :-)

Cherylann said...


I still have plenty here to keep me busy ;) Believe me I could probably go all year without hitting the same spots twice ;)