Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 Decluttering, part 4

There must be some unwritten law...when mommy is cooking and cleaning, we should be least that's how it goes in this household.

My next victim was Brea's undergarments drawer. None of this stuff is being given away, just tossed.

Before...I can already see a Barbie's head sticking out. Don't think she belongs in there...

After...mittens, socks, tights, underpants, sparks vest. Looks good. I got rid of Mariposa Barbie AND wings, a purse, a chapstick, underpants of Rory's and 3 pair that needed tossing.


~Tami said...

My son has a junk drawer, yet he still manages to put papers and miscellaneous junk in his underwear drawer. LOL

Cherylann said...

My kids used to hide things in their underpants drawer, but I knocked them from 6 drawers each to only 3.