Monday, January 5, 2009

Grocery Challenge

Ok, this year I am also vowing to spend less at the grocery store. I found a blog Jane4Girls that she feeds her family of 4 for $800 or less a year. Now, I know that we can not do that with 7 of us. But, I am going to try to do it for no more than $1600 per year. In 2007 I spent that much in 2 months, so it will take some buckling down.

My first strategy is to use what we have first. After I've done all I can do with what we have, then I will buy groceries....buying on sale items and using coupons.

DH went shopping yesterday (not my best move if I'm trying to save money), but he did want to eat out, and I nipped that in the bud by making breakfast.

Once, I locate the receipt, I will update this post.

I will also take the cost of my Sunday paper out of the budget, because the only reason I buy it is to get the coupons.

$1600 - $1.50 (paper) = $1598.50 left in budget for 2009


~Tami said...

I'll be following your posts, and learning from you.

Cherylann said...

LOL...well, we'll have to learn together, b/c I am learning myself. I spend right now between $600-800 a month.