Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Borrowing this idea from a good friend:

...that's the number of unread blog posts in my google reader. How will I ever get caught up?

...that's the number of messages in my email inbox. How will I ever get caught up?

...that's the number of extra unhealthy pounds on this body of mine. How will I ever make time for the healthy food planning and exercise that my body needs to get back to a healthy weight?

...that's the number of days each week that I should be spending time with the Lord my Savior, as well as having family devotion time with my kids. How will I ever make the time for this?

...that's the number of rooms in my home. They all need a good cleaning and some decluttering. How will I ever get caught up?

....that's the number of courses I am taking this semester, with plenty of homework and studying in each. I have classes Monday (day & night), Tuesday (night), Wednesday (day), Thursday (night), Saturday (day), as well as 2 online courses. How will I ever keep up?

My goal is to limit my online time to just 30 minutes in the morning (after I've seen my kids off to school), and mobile online time while in the car riding in the passenger seat. Whatever is left over will have to go!

Have a blessed day!


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Cherylann said...

thanks for letting me steal your idea, lol