Saturday, September 15, 2007

Been stung at the Grocery Store Lately???

Okay, I know we've been getting hard for a long while now at the gas pumps, but food is getting outrageous, too.

On the normal average, we spend $500-600 a month on groceries (family of 6). The past 2 months, we've been hitting $600+. This is a good chunk of our income for the month.

Who can live at these rates of inflation? Around here the average COLA raise (cost of living) is about 2-5% (if any). But other things are jumping at much higher precentages. No wonder so many people are losing their homes.

The official USDA July 2007 Food costs said the average to feed MY family is:

Thrifty $680.20
Low-Cost $864.30
Moderate-Cost $1058.40
Liberal $1296.60

Okay, so by these averages, apparently I am doing pretty good at the grocery store....yeah right! Just ask our budget....he's ROFL.

Is anyone else experiencing the quandry of how to cut costs at the check out? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Don't even get me started on fast food or restaurants...this is just the actual grocery costs. Who can afford to eat out these days? Well, anyways, we can't. It costs us $20 for lunch at McD's (& such). Just for 30 days of lunches out would be $600. This doesn't include breakfast or dinner. Restaurants are even higher ($40-50 for dinner)...$1500/mo. Can you imagine?

Please share with me ways to cut down costs...I will post some of the ways I'm going to start being frugal in my next post.


Heart4MyHome said...

Yes Cherylann things are going higher and higher everywhere. But thank You LORD for always meeting our needs above & beyond measure.

We just made a Walmart trip Saturday evening for a few basic staples that we were low or out of. It was a small shopping trip but we managed to come out with 6-7 full bags and for less than $44 and change. That was a blessing in itself but doubly because we were given a $50 gift card and that paid for everything and there is still a few dollars left on it for my husband to use in case he is short on cash and needs to pick up a snack or a drink while on the road to work.

irissa said...

My biggest method to save is to use a Price Book I made of our common grocery purchases. Also to plan meals around what is on sale. Stock up on sale items that we use often. And to cook in large batches. This way hubby and I can take leftovers to work for lunch.

Spaghetti dinner
Barilla Pasta, 1 lb on sale for .99 minus .25 = .75
Hunts Sauce 2 cans on sale for .79 can = 1.58
Loaf bread on sale = 1.25
So 1 Dinner & 4 lunches for hubby & I to take to work = $3.58 = so 3 meals total for the 2 of us.