Thursday, September 6, 2007

Decluttering like a Mad Woman

I've been outside all morning, since getting kids of to school. I have gone through about 6 bins full of stuff, so far. Probably 2 bins worth of stuff is being freecycled as soon as my messages post, about 2 ½ bins worth has been trashed, so that leaves me with about 1 ½ bins to keep. Not bad odds, I’d say.

I have at least ½ bin of fabrics to give away, ½ bin of crafts stuff (which will probably be at least 1 bin by the time it’s picked up), clothes, toys, an aquarium, and some gift wrap/bags, etc.

I am taking a little break while I am trying to get Rory to sleep. As soon as she goes, I am back to it.

Have a blessed day.~Cherylann


Tami @ Titus 2 Heart said...

How did you do after Rory fell asleep?

Cherylann said...

I did fine. I got all my stuff for freecycle given away and about 2 more bins sorted.

I listed about 10 more ads on FC today. Waiting on responses...already given away 4.~C