Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Up & Running Again....and Kids' Clothes Posted

Sorry, this will be a short one. I've got my phone line fixed, so I'm now online again. Have church tonight, so it will be atleast tomorrow before I have a real post for you.

I posted a few things to my kids' clothing site. Will add more tomorrow. Thanks~Cherylann


Tami @ Titus 2 Heart said...

I've been offline for a week now! I had some withdrawals, but managed to get online for an hour at the library on Saturday. It's great to be back online. Just pray that I use my time wisely for the Lord!!

Heart4MyHome said...

Welcome back to CyberSpace! You have been missed.

Cherylann said...

Thanks ladies. I have missed everyone, too. I'm glad to be back. Got a lot accomplished while I was off-line, though. Glad you are back too, Tami.~C