Friday, March 28, 2008

Homekeeping lists

Ok, I know a couple of my friends have been having trouble knowing what needs to be done in their homes (cleaning/decluttering wise). I have had this trouble in the past as well. I have come up with lists with what to do (in my home) & how often, so I thought I'd share.

Now keep in mind, my lists are just a guide line, they are not to be used as your own, because, my lists will not fit your home, lifestyle, time, etc. For example, I have a very small home and a big family. So, you won't find a living room, dining room, family room, etc on my list, because I don't have those rooms.

Now, how I came up with my list, was for my routine, I listed everything I thought I needed to do daily.

For my chores, I went and sat down in each room (or area--van, outside, etc), one by one, looked around and listed EVERY chore that would need to be done at some point over a year's time. I went around the room/area in a circle listing the chores. Then I decided how often I thought they would need to be done (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, less than monthly or annually). I also put besides some of the chores the ones I thought my children could do (I don't want them to not know where to begin when they get out on their own).

Now, my lists are long and detailed, but that's how I need them to be. Also, I am a sahm, so I am able to spend more time than those of you who work outside the home. Now, I am no where near saying my house is spotless:) Kids have a way of undoing the best of intentions, lol.

I am going to post each of my lists separately (except my daily routine & daily chores, those I'll post together).

I hope this helps someone that may have trouble knowing where to begin:)


~Tami said...

Thanks, Cherylann!

Cherylann said...

you are so welcome:)