Monday, March 31, 2008

Pantry Final

Well, today, I inventoried my pantry & made a list of all the things I need to buy. I also printed a copy and put it on the side of the fridge (facing the pantry).


Sugar pitcher
Butter cooking spray; cooking spray; baking spray; sugar
rice; koolaide; instant oatmeal pkts.
bread flour; all-purpose flour; seasoned flour; Italian bread crumbs
brown sugar; powdered sugar; splenda
self-rising flour; quick-cooking oats; baking cocoa; baking soda; decaf tea

(top row; left)
Microwave popcorn & kernels
Hot chocolate mix
Jello & pudding mixes

(top row; middle)
Extras for Canisters:
2 Splenda
2 all-purpose flour
Quick-cooking oats

(top row; right)
Mixes, Boxes, Packets:
3 pks. onion soup
3 meatloaf season pkts.
1 taco season pkt.
1 chicken pasta
4 Ramen noodles
1 beef rice
2 pkts. Shake & Bake Italian
3 pkts. Ranch dressing mix
1 cheddar French fried onions
2 pks. stuffing cubes

(middle row; left)
Molasses; 2 teriyaki marinade; sugar-free syrup
Light corn syrup; honey; pumpkin butter; sunflower seeds; syrup
2 cider vinegar; red wine vinegar; rice vinegar
White cooking wine, horseradish; parmesan cheese; soy sauce; EVOO

(middle row; middle)
Extras for Canisters + shortening, bisquick & cornstarch:
Bisquick (need canister)
Cornstarch (need canister)
2 baking soda
Baking powder (need canister)

(middle row; right)
2 semisweet chocolate chips; 2 milk chocolate chips; white chocolate (swirled) chips
Whole almonds; pecan chips; chopped pecans
Unsweet baking chocolate
Cake mixes: yellow, carrot, orange supreme
Cream cheese frosting
5 envelopes dream whip
Miniature marshmallows
Dark brown sugar
2 pkts. Yeast

(bottom row; left)
Pasta/Dried Beans:
Elbow macaroni; lasagna noodles; 3½ bags egg noodles; wacky mac
2# pinto beans; 1# navy beans; 1# baby lima beans; 1# lentils Baby: Baby:

(bottom row; middle & right)
nothing in those bins yet

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