Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting There........

Lately, as I've been getting things done and doing these little decluttering projects, the house has been getting way easier to manage (and just in time) :)

The kids are actually doing their share, too. They are straightening their rooms & making their beds before school, they are doing their routines without (too much) fuss, they are even doing their chores and making their chore jars get fat.

They actually look forward to getting their daily chore lists now. They also don't fuss too much when they pull a job they don't like, b/c #1 it's usually not that bad (since everythign is being kept up with), so it only takes a few minutes, and #2, they know it's only for a day.

DH has even been helping out more without even being asked:) Last night, he washed dishes, twice, and gave the kids their baths.

Everyone has been a great help the past few days, and our home is showing it (not just in cleanliness, but attitudes/spirits, too).

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