Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Decluttering My Desk

Well, everyone kept piling anything they didn't know what to do with (or didn't want to deal with on my desk). It was getting to the point, I had to move things to see the monitor.

Also, if I am sitting there, my kids love to write/draw and they'll bring me their finished products. Sometimes, I can convince them to go hang them on the freezer, but not always.

Well, I couldn't take it anymore, so I worked for 2 hours decluttering just the desk top & 4 shelves (the cabinet & 2 of the shelves were already done:)

I tossed a 13 gal bag worth of papers that didn't need to be shredded (school announcements, school papers, etc) and shredded one can's worth. I still have to re-tackle 2 of my 3 drawers again (the file drawer has stayed neat, b/c I can't shove stuff in there, lol). I also have to declutter the bottom cabinet (ugggh).

I will be working on this for this week, until it dries up some outside (raining since Saturday)so I can try to tackle some of the shed:)

It's 59 right now and partly cloudy, but hopefully it will stay dry today. I also want to get the old van cleaned out & sell it; get my van cleaned out, so it can be fixed and get the truck cleaned out. But first things first.....


~Tami said...

My desk received the same treatment! How's the decluttering going?

Cherylann said...

It's going......just not as quick as I'd like:(