Thursday, April 10, 2008

4/8 Grocery Game (post 1/2)

Don't know if any of you know about this website ...

I paid $1 for a 4 week trial. What it does is matches the stores in your area sales (advertised & unadvertised) with coupons that come in your Sunday paper, store coupons and shelf coupons (you know those that you pull out of the little red machine at the store?).

It shows you things you can get free (sale & coupon together to make it free) and things that are worth stocking up on. Some things even with a sale don't make it worth buying (or she tells you to wait b/c there is a coupon coming up soon). Anyways, long story short after the trial period, it's $10 for the first store every 8 weeks (1.25/week) and $5 for each additional store (.625/week). To me, it's worth it, b/c I save over that Wednesday when I shopped.

Here's what I got at the 1st store:
2 6oz. Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice on sale 89c each and had 2 coupons for 75c off each = .28 total for both (14c each)
4 2-4ct. Orville Redenbacher popcorn on sale 1.25 each and 4 coupons (shelf) for 40c off each = 3.40 for 4 boxes of popcorn (16 packs) (85c each box)
2 rolls Bounty Basic Paper Towels 1.00 each 2 coupons for .25 off each = 1.50 total (75c each)
1 32oz. Greased Lightning 2.50 each w/ 1.00 off = 1.50
6 XXL Hungry Man Dinners 40% off each price varied - 2 1.00 coupons = ???(cant find receipts...will update later)
6 Totino's Party Pizzas 1.00 each = 6.00
34 6oz. Breyer's yogurt 50c each X 34 = $17 - $5.50 worth of coupons = 11.50 (or .338 each)

total including tax $38.47 total saved with sales & coupons $38.50.....I saved more than I spent.

2nd store:
3 6oz. Chex Mix sale 99c each 3 50c off coupons = 1.47 (or 49c each)

total spent = 1.53 including tax............saved 3.50 (again saved more than i spent)

I went to 2 other stores, but will post about those later.

I didn't go "grocery" shopping, will do that Saturday at w-m. I did pick up lots of cleaners & some other stuff that we could use.

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~Tami said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to give it a try, after meal planning becomes a regular habit in our home.