Monday, April 14, 2008

OAMC Prepping meals for the freezer

I put mine in freezer bags (mostly gallon sized), food saver bags and casserole dishes.

Ziploc/Food Saver:
What you want to do after making it, is let it cool down first (before bagging). Then put it in the bag and get as much air out as possible, and get it as flat as possible. This way,
you don't get freezer burn (letting it cool down first & getting the air out) and you have more room (by getting them as flat as you can).

Casserole dishes:
I use this for things like lasagnas, or other casseroles that don't transfer to bags well. I usually make prepare them (without cooking and put in freezer). Now there's one MAJOR NOT preheat your oven when using this method, or your dish could crack or explode. There are 2 ways you can cook your meal, you can either 1. thaw and then cook according to directions OR 2. don't thaw and just add about an hour or so to the cooking time (check every 15-20 minutes to make sure you are not overcooking).

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