Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grocery Game 2/3

Last week at one of the grocery stores:

2 free clorox bleaches (reg 2.19 each)
4 clorox floor cleaners for 60c each (reg 2.39 each)
2 automatic air fresheners for $1.50 each (reg 11.99 each)
2 cottonelle fresh wipes for 1.00 each (reg 2.39 each)
2 pks. shout stain removing wipes for free (reg 2.49 each)
2 scrubbing bubbles flushable bathroom wipes for free (reg 2.99 each)
2 pledge furniture polishes for 60c each (reg 4.29 each)
an endust starter kit for 1.30 (reg 4.79)
5 sunsilk shampoos for 40c each (reg 3.99 each)
2 sunsilk styling product for .49 each (reg 3.99)
2 post shredded wheat cereals 1.50 each (reg 3.59 each)
6 swanson pot pies .50 each (reg. 1.00 each)
6 swanson mac & cheeses .45 each (reg 1.00 each)
4# chicken leg 1/4's .27/# (reg .69/#)

spent $ 23.73 including tax......wouldve spent $145.25 w/tax.......saved $121.52!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Tami said...

Wow! What a savings! How much time did you invest in this?

Cherylann said...

Not much, just checked off the items I wanted to buy and printed the list. then I noted on my print out how many coupons I had for each item, so I knew how many i had to buy.

~Tami said...

You seem so organized in your meal planning and shopping!

Cherylann said...

I have to be:) Otherwise, I'd spend way more than I do:)