Monday, April 21, 2008

Pantry Dilemma/Organization

I didn't have a pantry or any cabinet space in my kitchen, so I bought one of those 9 cube organizers that have the fabric drawers you can buy.

Each drawer has a theme, larger groups may have more than one drawer......ex: baking drawer, pasta drawer, etc.

On top of the pantry are all my staples (flour, splenda, sugar, etc) in labelled clear lock & lock containers.

If you do have a pantry, you could still use the drawer system by getting clear plastic bins to use as drawers & sort by category. For my refrigerator and large upright freezer, I use this clear bin system.

For my small (over the fridge freezer), I only keep one weeks worth of OAMC meals, ice cream and ice.

I also keep an inventory of my pantry, small freezr, large freezer, fridge, spices, cleaners and bath products. I mark off things as I use them.

I use a master grocery list to mark things I need, and I can use my inventories to make sure I don't buy duplicates. Also, with this system, I am not running back and forth to the kitchen to see what I already have.

I update my inventories as I put the groceries away.

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