Friday, March 28, 2008

Kids' Easter Gifts

Ok, as you know starting for Valentine's Day, we started trying to do non-clutter gifts for our kids. Well, we did it again for Easter, with good results. The Easter Bunny even followed our lead:) As did my mom (Grammy).

Me & DH bought the kids bulbs to go in the yard (tulips & hyacinths) and took them to the movies to see Horton Hears a Who. Now, we spent $12 on 8 bulbs (2 each) and they are already blooming, $32 on the movie tickets and $10 for popcorn/drink. So, total spent was $54, or roughly $14 each. We'd have spent way more on that for toys that would've only been played with a short while, before becoming clutter.

My mom gave each of us $10 towards going to the movies together. To my knowledge, there aren't any other kids' or family movies out right now, but when one comes out, we have $60 set aside to go see it:)

We bought new buckets for the kids this year, b/c last year they got run over by daddy when they left them in the driveway. They each got a character bucket and 6 character eggs to match the buckets (littlest pet shop, disney princess, tinkerbell & spongebob). We hid the eggs in the yard & they could only find their eggs. They had $$ in them, instead of candy, which would just have rotted their teeth:) To avoid the Easter Bunny bringing another basket for each of them, we put their buckets and emptied eggs out for the EB (kind of like leaving out the stockings for Santa).

The Easter Bunny gave them a piece of candy in each egg (M&M's, Twix & Snickers)....only 6 pieces, so not much chance for cavities, lol. He also gave them a character toothbrush to match their bucket (and get rid of any sugar bugs the candy gave them). The grand finale was he went to Chuck E. Cheese's, bought them each a sports cup and filled it with 30 tokens:) So, when dh gets home from school, and gets off call, we will be taking the kids to CEC. Another non-clutter gift:)

The buckets looked pretty bare, so I was concerned, but the kids absolutely loved them:)

They did go egg hunting at church, so they got other candy, too. I let them each keep 5 pieces, and we took the rest to dh's work:) They got to keep the stickers & erasers that were in some of the eggs.

The best part of it all is that we made some family memories this year, rather than adding clutter to the house, which would just be more stress later:)

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~Tami said...

Our Easter Sunday was crammed full this year, so we didn't get to do our tradition of hiding and hunting the eggs at home (inside the house, sometimes) and Mom (me) hunting eggs the kiddos have hidden. It is fun!