Friday, March 28, 2008

My Daily Routine & Daily Chores

Daily Routine:
o Prayers
o Check calendar, to-do list and budget
o Shower, wash face, brush hair, brush teeth, deodorant, get dressed to shoes
o Wake kids by 5:20 am!
o Pray; Breakfast
o Help kids with Morning Routine
o Leave house to take kids to school by 7 am!
o Feed animals (Pongo, Buck, dogs, Bennie)
Let Buck out for exercise/potty
o Check computer-15 minutes!
o Chore Folder
o Water plants
o 27-fling boogie
o Pray; Lunch
o wash face & hands, brush teeth
o nap
o Phone calls, set appointments; Work (CJS, PC), Projects/hobbies, CJ
o Wake up kids
o Leave house to pick kids up by 1:15 pm!
o Check backpacks & folders
o Help kids with after school routine
o Check tomorrow's calendar
o Make tomorrow's to-do list
o Lay out tomorrow's clothes
o Hot spots
o Help kids with Dinner Routine
o Pray; dinner
o Check kids' chore lists
o Help kids with Before Bed Routine
o 5 minute room rescue in zone
o Kids in bed by 7:30 pm!
o Wash face, lotion feet, brush teeth & floss, pajamas
o Personal time
o Check alarm clock
o Devotional, Read Bible
o Prayers & bed by 10pm!

Daily Chores:

Carry throughout house:
1. Put away bin
2. Give away bin
3. Toss (trash can)

Entrance (which includes driveway/backyard/deck/back door):
-sweep deck
-shake mats
-clear all surface clutter
-make sure entrance is clear and inviting

-prepare breakfast
-prepare lunch
-prepare dinner
-make lunches while putting away left overs
-clear counters/wipe
-clear buffet/wipe
-clear all surface clutter
-clear table/wipe
-clean under table
-wipe stove top
-wipe out microwave (if used)
-wash dishes until done
-dry dishes
-put away all dishes
-unhook dishwasher
-wipe down sinks
-prep for breakfast (set table, put out non-perishable items, empty coffee filter/pot; refill & reset
coffee maker)
-prep crockpot or thaw food in fridge
-take out trash
-sweep & mop

Jacob's Bedroom (Living Room):
-make bed
-pick up clothes & shoes
-pick up toys
-pick up books
-pick up movies
-pick up any trash
-clear all surface clutter
-take out trash

Office Area (Living Room):
-clean desk top
-toss junk mail
-file bills/important mail
-file 10 papers (until done)
-clear all surface clutter
-take out trash

Girls Bedroom:
-make beds (3)
-pick up clothes & shoes
-pick up toys
-pick up books
-pick up any trash
-clear all surface clutter
-take out trash

Laundry Room:
-Clean floor
-wash, dry, fold & put away laundry (each person has a designated laundry day)
-clear all surface clutter
-take out trash
-straighten rugs

-wipe counter & sink
-swish & swipe toilet
-refill toilet paper roll
-pick up trash
-clear all surface clutter
-straighten rugs
-take out trash

Master Bedroom:
-make bed
-pick up clothes & shoes
-put away or freecycle 10 items that do not belong
-pick up 10 pieces of trash
-clear all surface clutter
-take out trash

-put away 10 things that dont belong
-toss 10 pieces of trash
-empty trash


~Tami said...

Thanks for sharing your lists. I will be reviewing them as I make my own.

Cherylann said...

hope they help you:)