Wednesday, December 5, 2007

19 Days until the big day!!

I bought a small 6' Pre-Lit Artificial tree today. It has clear lights. It was on clearance at Wal-mart. It's the kind where if one light goes out, they don't all go out.

The real trees were on clearance today too, but I figured after paying for the stand and lights, it'd be twice as much as this one that I can reuse over & over.

After dinner tonight, we will rearrange the furniture and set up the tree (fluff it up & give it time to set up). If possible, we will decorate it tonight. If it still needs more time, we will decorate it tomorrow night. I wanted to do the popcorn/cranberry garland this year, but the cranberries were almost double what they were last year, so we had to scratch that idea:)

I haven't found all of our decorations yet. I am missing a few boxes. I have an ugly feeling that they are in the shed....if so, I may find them next summer while cleaning out the shed. It's too cold to go out there searching right now:(

My kids' last day of school is 12/19. I have to be at their schools 2 days (12/12 Jacob's field trip & 12/19 Brea's field trip and Caity & Jacob's Christmas parties). So, I only have 10 more days of Christmas Prep while they are in school. Only 2 days after dh gets paid while they are still in school. So, I am kinda at a standstill right now:)

There's so much to do, and so little time to do it, but can't be done right now:)

What's going on with everyone else? Don't forget to come back 12/7 to find out who won the 100th blog drawing!!!

Have a blessed day!~Cherylann

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Heart4MyHome said...

I am so glad you got your new tree. I know the kids must be just as excited as you are to have it now.

We still haven't put our tree up yet. I don't know if we are even going to. We have a small ceramic lighted tree out and as far as I am concerned that is tree enough. Hubby hasn't really made any comment about wanting to put one up either so who knows what we'll do.

I still can't get much in tot he Christmas mood. The weather here hasn't helped at all. One day it's in the 40's and the next it's back in the upper 80's. So that doesn't help at all to put anyone in the festive mood.