Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bad Accident, Prayers Please

My mom, dd4, dd2 and myself were in a bad accident Friday morning. A 16 year old girl ran a stop sign (did not even slow down)....hit us, spun us almost 360 and we flipped several times. We ended up upside down in a ditch.

Please pray for us as we recuperate, for my mom who may have to have surgery and for my dd4 who is having horrible nightmares. Thanks so much.


Stacy said...

I hope you all recover quickly.

SoulpeaceinChrist said...

Just reading your blogs.
How is your daughter and mom? You all are in our prayers.

Lisa from APOA.

Creating my own blog thanks to seeing yours

Cherylann said...

My mom's surgery has been put off for now, she has to have another MRI, but the insurance company is fighting it.

My dd4 is still having nightmares, but not as often.

My back is hurt really bad.

My 2yo seems to have forgotten all about it, thankfully.