Thursday, December 27, 2007

What are your plans for New Year's?

We will play games and watch dvds with the kids NY Eve. We eat a dinner of appetizers & hot cocoa. We don't go out (due to drunk drivers). We will probably all be asleep long before midnight.

New Year's day we will have lunch at my house, with my mom, db & sil. We'll invite my mil, fil & gmil, but they won't come.

I will post the menus & recipes later today or this weekend:)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


Tami said...

On New Year's Eve, we go to the church with food and games. We have a candle light service at midnight. It is so much fun and we stay up as late as we can. I think we didn't get home until 5:00 a.m. one year. My dh always asks off work for this, since we've been actively going to this church the last few years.

On New Year's Day, I plan on making a meal for my family, after we all sleep in!!

Heart4MyHome said...

We usually go to watch night service at our church. we usually have a food out in the foyer before service starts at 8pm and then we have praise & worship and message through out the night until midnight. This year the Imperials will doing a concert at the Church so that will be fun.

It is always so fun on watch night. One year the Church gave away a brand new home, one year it was a car and a motorcycle, one year it was a house full of new furniture. Pastor loves to give and it is so fun to see the blessings the Lord provides.