Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bless This Home

I saw this poem on a friend of mine's blog (private). I think I am gonna find a country kitchen cross-stitch pattern and stitch it with this poem stitched underneath...

Bless This Home

Bless this home, O Lord, we pray

Guard it safely night and day,

Bless the family living here

Bind them close with love and cheer.

Bless the food which is prepared

And each guest with whom it's shared.

Bless the children through the years

Guide them in their joys and tears.

Bless the mother - tender, kind

And the father by her side

Bless their pure and faithful love

Making home like heaven above.

Bless this home, O Lord, we pray

Where we live and walk and play;

Bless us al that ever we

May Live, O gracious Lord, with Thee

~Adapted by Ella May Miller

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