Wednesday, June 11, 2008

kids' summer routine

6am get kids up; morning routine (get ready, breakfast, brush teeth)
7am take kids out to play
9am snack; brush teeth
9:20am chores/clean bedrooms
11:30 am lunch routine (lunch, brush teeth)
12 pm nap/rest (nap for rory & chey and when they fall asleep--caity, jacob & brea will get up and have learning time)
2 pm snack; brush teeth
2:20 pm free play if chores are done
4 pm straighten bedroom
4:30 pm dinner routine (dinner, brush teeth, chores)
5:30 pm outdoor play or pool
6:30 pm dessert
7 pm bedtime routine (showers, brush teeth, pj's, video after ready for bed---if time)
8 pm Rory bedtime (story, prayers, bed)
8:30 pm Brea bedtime (story, prayers, bed)
8:45 pm Jacob bedtime (story, prayers, bed)
9 pm Caity bedtime (story, prayers, bed)

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