Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Christmas is 6 months away...

what are you doing to prepare?

I am starting a Christmas Club account Friday, yes, I know it's late, but my credit union just started offering them last month. We will have a certain amount auto-deposited every 2 weeks when dh gets paid and then in late October, they will transfer the total into an account of our choice. It won't be much, since there's only 4 months til then, but it will be better than starting from scratch in November:)

Before Friday, I will update my Christmas gift list (of names to buy for) and will divide it up into 10 equal lists. The next 10 paydays (6/27-10/31) I will buy a list each time. Then in October, when we get the Christmas club money, I will save that til my dh gets his bonus the day before Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, we will go shopping for the kids.......although, I am thinking maybe this year over Christmas break we will go on a vacation, rather than go overboard w/cluttering gifts. Santa will still come, but I don't want to add too much to the house.


Tawnya said...

They automatically take out money from each of dh's paychecks. Then they mail us a check in June and one in December. When he goes out for his "fall" jobs, we also save a portion from each check and buy a few gifts each week.I don't do a HUGE amount of Christmas shopping -and for the kids, now that they are a little older, we give them money and a few gifts instead. In the years past, by the time Christmas rolled around they were "gifted out" anyway between grandparents, aunts, brownies, etc!


GrammaD said...

Cherylann, I am trying to re-think Christmas in light of our current finances and all the things the grands NOT need. I need to get back into one of the groups and starting getting suggestions.

Cherylann said...


Yeah, we are trying to get out of the so many gifts, too......our kids get waaaay too much. Santa usually brings them a big gift and fills their stocking, but I was thinking from mommy & daddy we'll get them each a pr of pj's (tradition) and then a small vacation and spending $$ or something. I think they'd rather go somewhere & do something than get a bunch of toys they'll forget about in a week.

I know that what I most wish my kids' grandparents would do is get my kids' savings bonds, or money in their college account that they could save for college. The savings bonds you don't have to spend much. You buy them at 1/2 the face value. So, for a $25 bond, it's only $12.50. You could always get them a bond and a small gift to open.