Monday, June 23, 2008

Christmas Gifts for the Grandparents

This year I am going to be making a photobook for each of the sets of grandparents and dh's great-gma.

I made one for dh at W-M for father's day and it turned out beautifully. It was just under $26 including tax.

I do like the ones at better, but as usual, I waited too long, and it wouldn't have gotten here in time.

I will also get each of them a little "something" extra, but I thought this would be a special gift.

Does anyone else have any ideas for any memorable gifts? I figured since I wouldn't be able to handmake any gifts this year, that this would be the next best thing:) And since it includes pics of the grandkids, it would be special.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my site! I'm going to look into your idea of using bins and plastic totes to organize my yarn stash.

You have a great idea with the photobooks. You could take a photo of each child with each set of grandparents (or take one from the past), let each child decorate a frame from the craft store (markers, paint, stickers, etc.), then frame each photo.


Cherylann said...

You're welcome. I hope it works out for you:)

Thx, I think dh's turned out really good:)

That's a good idea for the frames/pics...I always let the kids get something individually for each of their grandparents, this way they could make it instead.

I'm sure I have plenty of craft stuff for them to do this with, just need to buy the frames:)

Heart 4 My Home said...

Great idea for gifts. I have been culling through some ideas for homemade gifts (other than food items) to make for family and friends here lately. I have a few things planned for existing fabric I have on hand as well as a few ideas that I will need to buy fabric for (but that will be inexpensive items as well.)

I am so looking forward to the holidays.

Cherylann said...

Thx, Nichole:) Yeah, I have to do things early, or they won't get done:)