Saturday, July 21, 2007


I FINALLY got my dishwasher hooked up. I didn't have any dishes dirty, so I washed a load of clean silly is that? It works wonderfully. I am so excited.

I can't wait until tonight after dinner so that I can "really" use it.

Tonight we're having Cheeseburger Pie again.

I joined a new group:
It's for penpal cooking buddies.

We've just been hanging out today. We went to Home Deopt for the parts for my dishwasher to fit my sink. And, we went to Wal-mart for some "filler" groceries--breakfast, lunch meat, bread, snacks, popcorn, etc.

I also bought a notebook for printing recipes from my new favorite website...Pioneer Woman (see right).

Well, housecleaning is calling, so I better go for now. Have a blessed day.~Cherylann

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