Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today's SAT words

digress-wander off the subject
indelible-can not be wiped out
malinger-deliberately avoid work
paradox-apparently contradictory statement
proclivity-tendency towards
sensuous-appealing to the senses
charlatan-trickster who claims knowledge he doesn't have
malingerer-person who deliberately tries to avoid work
paragon-a perfect example
procrastinate-put off
unwitting-not deliberate

I have taken the SAT question of the day 4 days in a row now, so far, I've gotten all of them right.

I am learning 20 words daily. I put them on index cards and review all that are in the box daily. So far I have 60 words, but I already knew most of them. By the date of the test, I will have studied 1520 words, if I keep up at this rate. So wish me luck.

I really hope to achieve my goals of graduating with a 4-year degree within the next 6 years. I know it will be hard to do, with 4 kids, a husband, a home and everything else that's going on, but everyone & everything else should benefit from my degree.

Have a blessed day.~Cherylann

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