Friday, August 17, 2007

Freecycling Again...

I’ve been Freecycling again!!!

Today I got rid of 7 (yes, 7!!!) 13 gallon garbage bags of kids’ hangers. I organize the kids clothes by color (Caity pink, Jacob blue, Brea red, Rory white). But, I had way more “extras” than room to store them. So, I got rid of over ½ the hangers that were in the bin in which they belong. I know there are strays in the bedrooms & in the laundry room, though. The woman who picked them up, said she’d take those too. Lots of people in her family have either just had a baby or due to have one. It’s good to get the extra hangers out of my house & given to someone who could really use them.

I gave my mil 5 Wilton cake pans (Strawberry shortcake, ballet slippers, ladybug, tractor & a large sheet cake pan). By giving them to her, I can still use them if I need to.

I also got rid of some curtains, kitchen towels/dishcloths, an overnight bag, a computer monitor, some of dh’s too big clothes and some other miscellaneous stuff.

I also had some clothes of mine that I no longer wear. I looked it over and deemed it not worthy to give to someone else, so I just trashed it.

I am glad to be rid of about 10-11 garbage bags full of clutter. And, I’m happy everything went to those who could use them!

I just got through reading Peter Walsh’s: It’s All Too Much. In it, he says to keep a garbage bag or bin (labeled) for giveaways handy. I’d already been doing this. I was given a tote bag that I didn’t need or want, so I was gonna freecycle it, but then I thought I will use it FOR freecycling. I figured I’d fill it up as I go along and when full, I’d post the contents on FC.

Peter also recommended taking said bag around the house for 5 minutes 5 days a week & seeing how much you can fill it with. Just think how much you could bless others (& your home) if you did this for a whole year!~Cherylann


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the amount of hangers you've given away! That is amazing. I am so proud of you for giving so much away, and also for tossing the worn clothing.

Cherylann said...

Thanks so much!! I am really trying to get rid of stuff. I really want our house to be "home". I just read Peter Walsh's: It's all too much. (From TLC's Clean Sweep). It was a great book!~C

FlyGirl409 said...

I just read "It's All Too Much" about a month ago too and loved it! I have found that since finding and following the FlyLady's system April 9, 2001 my life has been so much less cluttered. I look at everything I even consider bringing into my home and ask myself will this really get used and loved or will it be yet one more thing I have to walk around or dust? That has made such a difference in the feel of our home.

For those who haven't found FlyLady yet, go to and check her out! She WILL change your life!

You CAN do ANYthing for 15 minutes!

Garden Gnome said...

Congrats on the decluttering! You are off to a wonderful start.

Happy Holidays