Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Wonderful (almost) Kitchen

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. We’ve been on the go lately.

I got a new dining room table & chairs yesterday!!! Free!!! Gotta love that FreeCycle.

It is a very nice WOOD farmhouse table and chairs. The table top is butcher block and it has hunter green spindle legs. It has 4 hunter green chairs with tapestry flowered seats (I am going to recover…going to try to find an apple print, hopefully in tapestry). We are having to use 2 of our folding chairs for the other 2 chairs, but that’s okay by me. At least the folding table is now reserved for holidays & family get-togethers!!!

My kitchen is already red/hunter & decorated with apples. I need to get dh to paint my kitchen & put my border up (apples…of course). It’s just a very small kitchen, and it’s been the bane of my existence. But, slowly, it is getting better. It’s still small, but I am making changes here & there, as my budget & FreeCycle allow. Just think, 2 months ago, we didn’t even have a kitchen table!!! I didn’t think I had the room.

Also included in my deal was a stool for my scrapbook table, an office chair for my son’s desk, and a stand-up fluorescent light that lights up half the house (with no need for other lights to be on). We had it on last night, in my daughters’ room and it lit up the kitchen and laundry room as well. So, we can now leave all the lights off except this one if we are in one of those 3 rooms.

I am slowly starting to like my too small kitchen. To make up for the lack of counter space, I now have my long beautiful table to roll out dough or cool cookies………..Yay!!!


Heart4MyHome said...

Great deals girly! I haven't looked t our local freecycle much. Maybe I should.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I could see all of this!

Cherylann said...

Yes, Nichole it has been a great blessing to my family.

Tami, I will post pics as soon as I find my camera again.