Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Planning another OAMC session

I can't believe it's already been a month since my last session. It has been great, though, to just open my freezer each night & thaw out the next day's dinner for reheating. I cooked all the food completely last month, this month I think I may prep and put in the freezer & do the cooking after the thaw. We'll see. I guess it really depends on the recipes I choose.

Hopefully, I will have my recipes chosen and everything planned before I go to bed Thursday night. I want to shop Friday morning.

Does anyone have any TNT OAMC recipes? Or meals that can be frozen? If so, please forward them to me at Cherylann or post them in the comments. I have been doing this for a while, but it would be nice to add some new recipes to the rotation.


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