Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lots to Do!!!

Today's Plans:
Clean Jacob's room.
Get kitchen decluttered & cleaned.
Dishes (as needed). Boy am I loving that dishwasher.
Finish cleaning my girls' bedroom (boy they sure are sloppy & do they know how to hide stuff!!!). I thought I'd be done days ago, since their room was already clean (I was just going to do a declutter session). However, I found that they were using their desk & under the bed to push everything into, so they wouldn't have to clean for long. So, I confiscated their desk. It now houses my computer & desk stuff. Now I have a free corner in Master Bedroom. The desk is right beside the Kitchen table, so it's really out in the open. (Our girls' bedroom is our former Living Room, because we only have 2 bedrooms.) If they keep on with under the bed, I'll find something to stick under there. Maybe I'll get some underbed bins for my extra kitchen stuff that doesn't have a home (we only have 2 cabinets in the kitchen & 1 of them you can't get to's in the corner & above the counter/stove).
Wish me luck, I've got lots & lots to do!!!
Is anyone else out there cleaning/decluttering today?~Cherylann

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