Friday, November 2, 2007

Approximate Cost of Grocery List

Just giving a very ROUGH estimate on prices (some I have no idea), I'd say about $300 should cover this grocery list.

HOWEVER, keep in mind, you may already have some of these items, such as the spices (which I estimated at $3 a piece). If you do, that will lower your food bill. I have a fully stocked spice cabinet, so I don't have to buy any of the spices. Also, you may already have flour, vegetable oil, salt and pepper, milk, butter, etc. If so, that's money you will save on those items.

Also, I will be making my own chicken broth from the chicken in these soups, so I will save money there as well (it's very easy, you can follow the turkey broth recipe I provided, or you can do it yourself). All I do for my chicken broth, is boil my chicken with plenty of spices and salt/pepper (rosemary, Italian spice blend...and since my herb garden is for some reason still in full bloom, I don't even have to waste my jar spices).

So, just think even if it cost you the whole $300, could you feed your whole family all month eating out at fast food or restaurants 28 nights and probably about 10-12 lunches on only $300? I know I couldn't. It costs us about $20 to eat at McD's or Wendy's just off the Dollar Menu for lunch or dinner. So times that by 28 nights, you are looking at $560 just right there. Then add about 10 lunches at $20 each, that's another $200. So, there you go, you have $760 and you haven't even eat off anything other than a dollar menu, and you've not had breakfast or snacks/desserts. So, for less than 1/2 price, you could cook it all at home (the soups are easy to double or even triple if you wanted to) and save money.


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