Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update on November OAMC

Forgot to tell you this, but I made the Tortilla Soup a few days ago. It wasn't what I was looking for. I was looking for a tortilla soup kind of like Cracker Barrel had a few years ago (a little more spicy, with tomatoes).

This was just like a very easy version of chicken and dumplings, except the "dumplings" were way too mushy (and I didn't think dumplings could be too mushy...usually the longer c&d lasts, the better it gets). I probably won't be making this one again. You may like it, but I just didn't. My family loved it, but they can have dumplings:)

Just thought you'd like to know before you made it.~Cherylann


Cox Family said...

Thank you for the heads' up! I found your blog through the CNB recipe group, and I love it! I do have a question though...the soups you make with noodles and dumplings and such, do they freeze well? I've never had luck freezing noodle soups.

Awesome blog!

Cherylann said...

You could always leave the noodles or the dumplings out until the day you serve them.

I don't mind them getting mushy if in chicken stock soups (except the tortillas were mushy from the start).

However, if the noodles were in a vegetable soup, or something like that, I wouldn't want them mushy.

What I would do is freeze the chicken (and anything else, vegs, etc) in a little bit of broth, but save the majority of the broth by itself (for cooking the noodles or dumplings). Heat the broth, then cook the noodles/dumplings, afterwards, add the chicken, etc.


Glad you like my blog. I love the CNB recipe group.~Cherylann