Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping...

Tomorrow I will begin my Thxgvg grocery shopping. I will go ahead and buy everything I need except produce.

I wanted to get the turkey this am, but there was hardly any selection. The meat department manager told me they just got a shipment yesterday and would be putting them out tonight, or early tomorrow. I need a 20+ lb. turkey. They had one today, but I didn't know how long it'd been there.

The only bad thing about cooking dinner here at my house, is when I am doing the cooking, it fills me up just to stand there smelling it all day:) (Hey...maybe I should start a brand new weight loss plan:) ). Anyways, today when I was baking the cinnamon rolls & cookies, I was too full (without taking a bite) to even eat a roll or test a cookie.

I will let you know tomorrow how my shopping went.

As far as my remaining November OAMC goes, I am probably not gonna do the other 5 recipes (not including turkey soup...still doing that to help get rid of turkey leftovers). I still have a plenty from the 8 I've already made, so we will not need any more meals this month, except Thanksgiving.



Heart4MyHome said...

Sounds like you have a good plan underway.

I too have the bulk of our Thanksgiving dinner groceries on hand, minus produce. I have a turkey in the freezer already but I think I will probably pick up an extra one or two to have on hand when time gets closer and the prices go down some. (That is if I get a good deal.)

Cherylann said...

Yes, but now everyone is feeling bad, so I don't know if it's gonna get done...we'll see.

If not, I could always do it Tuesday when everyone goes back to school/work.

I'd promised Caity it would just be me & her, but if she's not feeling good, I'll just have to take her Christmas shopping with me later (maybe for dad's gift).

Cherylann said...

We didn't make it shopping Sunday, so I may go this Saturday, just me & Caity.~Cherylann