Saturday, November 10, 2007

Reunion Cookie update...

For the Hidden Mint Cookies, I used Peppermint Patties this time, because the Andes mints were way more expensive. They turned out wonderfully. Also, I need to tell you two more things...1. These spread! So make sure not to put them too closely on the baking sheet. 2. When I say slice the cookie dough thin, I mean THIN! I forgot that today, so I ended up having to bake them 20-25 minutes, and they were HUGE! So, I have updated my notes in the recipe, to remind me for next time.

Ok, for the Red Velvet Cookies, today I had some cream cheese frosting left over from cinnamon rolls I made, so I put some of that on top of each cookie. Everyone said they were really good, but I don't eat Red Velvet, so I can't tell you from my experience. However, I did get more than 36 cookies, I think I got about 42+.

The Holiday Cookies, next time I will be refrigerating them for an hour before cooking. Maybe this will help them keep their round shape, mine spread too much (could have been the stone got too hot, though)...I cooked these last, next time I think I will either do them separately or first.



Heart4MyHome said...

I have mad the Red Velvet cookies before as I found the recipe in one of the GBP cookbooks. I love them! Red Velvet cake is my favorite so these cookies were right up my alley. However I never frosted mine but I think I will next time I make them.

Cherylann said...

I just know that Red Velvet isn't the sweetest thing (didn't know how sweet the vanilla chips would make them), and so I used the icing to sweeten them up (it was just going to be trashed anyways).

For some reason, I don't like red velvet. My mom & db love it.~C