Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gift tags

Ok, here is a picture of my gift tags that I made for this year. Email me if you'd like to get a copy emailed to you for you to use this year.

I just cut them out and punched a hole in the top to hang from some Christmas yarn. You could just cut them out and either tape them to your packages or run through the Xyron to make stickers out of them (or even put a zot behind it). Since I am giving baskets, it was easier for me to just hang by a ribbon:)



Heart4MyHome said...

I love them. They are so cute. Please is you have time..send me a copy of them. I would love to use these for my CHRISTmas gifts. They are great.

Cherylann said...

Ok, I will send them in a few minutes...they take about 30 mins to send, so I will do it when I go to bed. The internet will turn itself off when it's done :)