Monday, November 19, 2007

Update on Jacob's award...

Well, you know I told y'all about Jacob's award ceremony today.

4 kids from each class got an award (16 for each grade) for doing well in a subject area (reading, math, etc).

Then a few kids from each grade got a spirit award for specials (pe, art, spanish, music, media, etc).

Well, MY BABY got the final (3rd) award...."The Paw Pride Award" which was for overall achievement in all subjects, specials and citizenship!!! He was the only Kindergartener to receive it!

He was kind of confused at first, because they did all the K subject awards, then said and the last one is...then moved on to 1st grade, etc. He didn't realize he was being award at the very himself!

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Heart4MyHome said...

Congrats to him!! How wonderful.