Monday, November 5, 2007

My Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Here are the centerpieces I made for our 2 Thanksgiving tables.

The trifle bowl has pumpkin spice potpourri in it and little plastic (they look real) pumpkins in it. For Thanksgiving day, I will take the lid off the trifle, but for now I will keep it on (to keep the dust out and the scent in). It also has a raffia bow, but until the big day, it is inside the bowl.

The vase just has various fall leaf sprays, apples, pumpkins, flowers and other foliage (all fake). To hide the stems, I put pumpkin spice potpourri in it, and stuck the stems in. It is tied with a sheer orange ribbon.

I got all the materials on clearance at Wal-mart. They are so worried about getting Christmas stuff out that all the Thanksgiving stuff is already marked down. The pumpkins were normally $6.84, I paid $1.70 (just to give you an idea of the savings I got).


Heart4MyHome said...

Great ideas! They turned out beautifully.

Cherylann said...

Thanks Nichole. I just did it with what I found on clearance at w-m. I had the trifle bowl from Pampered Chef already and I bought that vase this summer, and have had it displayed every day since.~Cherylann

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful.

Cherylann said...

thank you ma'am