Saturday, November 3, 2007

Finished most of my Christmas shopping today...

I still have my 4 kids to buy for (mommy/daddy & santa & stockings), dh, my parents, dh's parents, his grandma, my aunt & cousin. Also, still have to buy small gifts for the teachers/church teachers.

But, we knocked 19 people off our list today!!!!!

I didn't even really spend that much, either:)

We did 5 family movie baskets. I put family type movies in there for each of the kids in each family (age & gender appropriate--ex. 3 kids, 3 movies), microwave popcorn packets (1 for each family member), a pint jar of homemade cocoa mix and candy canes for each family member.

I bought baskets ($2.88 each) for each of the 5 families and a yard of red tulle for each (97c/yard). I was going to buy the shredded basket filler, but it was like $3 for a small bag, so instead I bought some red & green paper and shredded it myself ($3.44 for 125 sheets). To tie the tulle, I bought Christmas yarn. I will make my own gift tags.

There are 9 kids total for the 5 families, so I bought 9 movies. They cost $58 (but one for $20 I had bought a few months ago, so I only spent $38 today on the movies).

I spent about $75 today on the gifts for 19 people...not bad:) I already had the pint jars and ingredients for the cocoa mix. ~Cherylann

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