Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bathroom Tips

Rubbing alcohol--put in a spray bottle & armed with a coffee filter, you can get your windows, mirrors & stainless steel streak free and disinfected. Also, use on phones, knobs/handles/faucets/drawer pulls, etc and TV’s.

Bleach water can be used for disinfecting floors, counters, sinks. Also, if you have a particularly bad odor in your drains, pour a little down to freshen up.

Shower curtain: I just wash mine in washing machine. I take the liner, curtain & rings down as one & just toss it in. Wash by itself (maybe add a little bleach or vinegar to prevent/treat mildew. Then toss in dryer. (it takes too long to line dry).

Bathtub stains: make a paste of peroxide & cream of tartar. Mix well & use old toothbrush, rub into stains & rinse thoroughly.
For lime or rust spots: CLR & steel wool.

Tile: ¾ c bleach & 3 c water. Mix together in spray bottle. Spray & wipe off with damp sponge.

For bad stains/spills on the counters/tub, spray with cleaner & go to something else. Let the cleaner do most of the work while you do something else. Come back later & simply wipe up. Eliminates elbow grease. Also, when you do this, go ahead & put the cleaner in/on the toilet. Come back later, swish, wipe, flush, take off your gloves, wash your hands & you’re done. No more scrubbing toilets.

Use a daily spray on the shower. Tilex makes a daily spray. Just spray it on everyday after your shower. I use the automatic shower sprayer. It keeps mildew & soap scum from forming.

Keep all bathroom supplies in a caddy w/a handle. They sell small ones at the $ Tree and larger ones are at Wal-Mart for about $4. Keep the cleaning supplies locked up if you have little ones, but if everything you need (gloves, sponges, cleaners, old toothbrushes, etc.) is in the caddy, you won’t have to search for anything. Just grab your caddy & go.

You can also use a pumice stone for hard water stains. Or, put ¼ c white distilled vinegar in spray bottle with 1 c water. Mix well, spray hard water/lime spots. Let sit. Go back, rinse w/water.

Ceramic tile: (also in kitchen on backsplashes) ¼ c vinegar, 1/3 c ammonia, ½ c baking soda, 7 c warm water. Mix well. Store in spray bottles. Spray, let sit, wipe with wet sponge.

For bathrooms without a lot of cabinet space, get of those over-the-toilet spacesavers & a locking pantry (basically a bookshelf w/doors). Also you can use caddies (w/handles) & clear plastic shoeboxes to organize the things on the shelves. Small boxes w/tops (can be decorative, or the small clear ones 2 to a pack at dollar tree) are great for organizing make-up, hair thingy-ma-bobs, hair barrettes & other small items that don’t need a whole plastic shoebox.

Hang up poufs that you use for bathing, so they dont mildew. I replace mine on the first day of every month.

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